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About Us

Today travelling abroad is an essential step in the development of a modern young person. We help to do it easy and safe. We have been offering different study, work and travel opportunities for young people in Tyumen since 2003.

Legal name: Antey, LLC
Address: Russia, Tyumen 625000, Gertsena street 53, office 602
Phone: +7 (3452) 49-08-79

Educational Opportunities 
English courses in Tyumen
General English - the course is designed for people who wish to learn or improve their ability to interact in English and feel confidence in real life situations. Covers all levels from Beginner to Advanced.
English for Work & Travel USA - special course for Work and Travel USA program participants.
English for travelers - Express Course of English for those who plan to travel abroad and wants to feel more confident in communicating with locals.
Business English - the course aims to promote fluency in business communication. The focus of the course is to improve students' ability to communicate effectively across a wide variety of business situations and to enable students to build their career on a global level. Minimum start level required - Intermediate.
One-to-One lessons - it is the most flexible and personal course available. It may include exam preparation (TOEFL, IELTS and etc.), preparation for an interview in the US Embassy, preparation for job interview and any other aspects depending on students' needs.

Study and Travel Opportunities Abroad
We offer opportunity to spend vacations abroad and get all the advantages of it by learning English/German/French/Chineese in different countries such as Australia, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Malta, New Zealand, the USA, France, China. Students can choose general course or any special course - business, legal, exam preparation.

Study and Work in Canada
A good chance to study and work in Canada - employment in resorts, hotels, restaurants or even in the fileld of professional education. The program is suitable for young professionals, recent graduates and last-year students. Courses take place in Vancouver or Toronto.

Au Pair Program in USA, Germany, France
The program is designed for girls willing to spend a year in Europe or the USA learning language and culture of the host country. Living in a family and looking after children for free room and board and pocket money.

Work Opportunities 
Work and Travel USA
The most popular exchange program for full-time University students. Work and travel opportunities in the USA give full immersion, expanding horizons and good earnings during University summer break.

Camp USA
Different positions for students in American summer camps. An opportunity to spend summer break in the USA at a very affordable price.

US Tax refund
Have you worked in the USA on Work and Travel or Camp program and had money withheld from your paychecks as taxes? We can assist you with tax refund. It is fast, easy and trouble-free.

Work in France
Work in France during summer holidays – for University students who know French. The program is similar to Work and Travel USA but job offers are provided in restaurants and hotels in Paris and Cote d'-Azur.

Travel Opportunities 
Assistance with visa applications
Are you planning a trip abroad and have no idea how to get visas to the USA, UK, Schengen States or any other countries? We will provide assistance with filling out visa applications, preparing supporting documents and will give useful tips for visa interview if necessary.

Tours across India
An exciting and well-organized trip to India that gives you a great opportunity to see the country and even take part in Volunteer project to get a better understanding of culture and people. There are 9, 19 or 28 days long tours.

Flights around the world
We can help you to get the best prices on flights around the world whether you participate in Work and Travel program or want to visit your cousin in England or plan a week vacation in Miami.

Hotel/Hostel Booking Service
For individual travellers as well as for our participants we offer assistance in booking hotel or hostel accomodation in different cities all over the world. We can help to find the most comfortable place to stay at the best rates in the most popular destinations.

International Travel Insurance
Easy and affordable international travel insurance. Coverage is up to $100.000. Additional options such as sports and outdoor adventure insurance, lost luggage insurance and general liability insurance can be included.

International Student Identity Cards (ISIC)
ISIC is a great card that allows students take advantage of special offers and discounts in Tyumen, in Russia and abroad. We can issue your ISIC card straight away, all you need is to bring a passport, a proof that you're a student and a passport-sized photo. The cost of ISIC card is 600 roubles.

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